About Us

Hi there!

We are delighted to introduce Maestriaa!

Raghav Enterprises (the parent company of Maestriaa) was established in 2013. Brand Maestriaa was developed in 2015. It evolved out of a passion to develop an eco-friendly, sustainable product at an affordable price-point to cater to larger masses. Our endeavor is to understand the need of our customers enabling us to provide quality paper and paper products, thereby, allowing unleashing of creativity without any constraint.

A good quality, acid free paper made out of cotton fibers ensures better result, smudge-free reproduction and longevity. No original art / painting can be replicated. Hence, it is necessary to use the perfect surface to create a masterpiece. Such creations can also be digitally reproduced on our papers and preserved for over 100 years, without any discoloration, due to the archival attributes of our products. However, care needs to be taken to store them indoors at certain temperatures.

The raw material used in the production of Maestriaa art papers is cotton rag - the waste cut-pieces discarded by hosiery and textile factories. They are sorted, cleaned and converted into pulp.

Our factory, situated in Sankheda, Gujarat, is spread over 7000 sq. ft. of covered area. It is equipped with:

  • two pulp making beaters with a capacity to make half a ton of pulp (500 kg) in an 8-hour shift
  • two pulp mixing tanks
  • a semi-automatic cylinder mould machine
  • 4 handmade paper making vats
  • a hydraulic press to extract excess water from the paper
  • cutting machine
  • calendaring machine 

We have a capacity to produce 1500 sheets of handmade paper and 5000 sheets of mould-made paper in an 8-hour shift.

Presently, the unit is producing watercolor papers and mixed-media papers which are used mainly by the art community; and 100 GSM papers in handmade which find application in the development of stationery products. The papers are produced in two colors - buff and ivory.


24 fully grown pine trees are required to make 1000kgs (1 ton) of copier paper, while the same quantity of paper is produced in our factory without a trace of wood. Hence, we contribute to saving trees. Our entire production process is eco-friendly. The differentiation lies in the use of waste cotton rags as opposed to the traditional method of using specially grown cotton linters. Moreover, the water used in the manufacturing process, being PH neutral, is recycled by channeling the same for irrigating our garden and nearby fields.


At heart, Maestriaa believes in doing good and giving back to the society. At our production facility in Gujarat, we have employed people (both men and women) from the underprivileged community. They were professionally trained to develop skills and absorbed into our fold to provide them with a dignified livelihood. Skill and capability development is a continuous process as we grow and add capacity.