Management Team

Srikkanth Sundaram

The company was founded by Srikkanth Sundaram who has a Post Graduate Degree in Management. He started his career with Singer India Limited and eventually worked in the field of marketing at various companies like National Panasonic, Sriram Honda etc. His last assignment was with Development Alternatives as Marketing Manager. Here, he learnt the nuances of hand made papers. He gained substantial knowledge and experience about production of handmade papers.

His thirst for knowledge and drive for research combined with the absence of quality, eco-friendly papers in the market prompted him to develop fine, environment friendly, acid free, cotton paper of archival quality. This zeal culminated in the establishment of his own venture (Raghav Enterprises, makers of Maestriaa paper and paper products) in 2013 to cater to the demand of artist grade watercolor papers and drawing papers both in the domestic and international markets.


A B.Tech from Delhi University, Shweta developed a keen interest in paper making from her father, Srikkanth Sundaram. An avid learner, she gradually took over the responsibilities of brand development and marketing. Being an Engineer, she also assists in production and innovation whenever she is able to take time off from her hectic schedule.